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about me

Hello, I’m Ilya Rumyantsev, a freelance automation consultant and developer and the founder of Py-T.

During my studies of physics I have built a strong theoretical understanding and a structured mindset. Already then I have become an enthusiast of open source technologies and sophisticated solutions. I like getting in contact with various challenges and working with various people, different ways of thinking and changing technologies.
In my opinion, a constant challenge is the key to a productive working environment as well as motivated employees. Therefore I concentrate on automation of repetitive tasks as well as training in new technologies. This allows my clients to keep their maintenance efforts low and to keep motivation on a high level.
My main goal is always to provide an advanced customer-oriented solutions that adjust to high standards in terms of quality, maintainability and usability.

Personal Information

  • Full Name :Ilya Rumyantsev
  • Phone :+49 176 8313 5767
  • Email :
  • Location :53842 Troisdorf
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Welcome to Py-T!


Py-T is a fusion of Python and IT. Python as a programming language only became this successful because of the underlying principles, catchy summarized in the Zen Of Python. I believe those principles can be applied not only in terms of programming but also for infrastructure and system administration.
The solutions I deliver are following these principles:

  • As simple as possible
  • Readable
  • Obvious
  • Modular
  • Expressive
  • Intuitive

For any solution a proper design is crucial. Therefore I will not only provide a technical implementation but I will guide you through all stages starting with an idea to the delivery of the product:

the current situation

the requirements

a technical design

a solution

I will also support you in terms of upgrades, trainings, support, etc. of the product.