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We are convinced that good ideas deserve efficient solutions and stable infrastructure. We guarantee this by providing cost-effective, high-quality and reliable services.
We are a team of highly dependable, seasoned IT experts who focus on free software and interfaces. We are happy to help you using our expertise in automation and operating cloud infrastructure and linux-based applications. We also develop apps and interfaces for internal processes or as tools for any use case you can think of.

Our clients and their satisfaction are our number one priority. Our solutions are extremely convenient to use, reliable and of the highest possible quality. Which is why it's extremely important for us to be there to help you out, firstly with advice and then throughout the implementation of your project. Thanks to our many years of experience and premium service, we are highly cost efficient and reliable, offering punctual delivery and dependable, low-maintenance operation.

Our principles

We hold ourselves to the following standards to ensure the punctual and reliable delivery of products and solutions. We stick to them for all of our projects, whether they're pure consulting or also involve implementation.

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