Infrastructure automation

Infrastructure requirements have significantly increased over the past few years. Due to shorter release cycles, automation is critical to securely operating a complex IT system landscape.
We are specialised in using modern methods to automate and simplify the operation of IT systems. We place a great deal of importance on ensuring the successful operation of existing systems.


Automation with Ansible®

Ansible® is a radically simple orchestration tool. We're happy to put our years of experience to use to help you map your processes in Ansible. This can be anything from manual or semi-automatic deployments or the migration of existing on-premise systems to the cloud to the development and operation of entire landscapes, including commissioning virtual machines and automatic update procedures.

We don't limit ourselves to the technical side of things, but instead design the entire process: requirements analysis, architecture design, migration of existing tools and processes, training staff and developing playbooks, roles and custom plugins/modules.

Our services

  • Ansible architecture
  • AWX®/Ansible Tower®
  • Requirement analysis
  • Personalised training
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Role & playbook development
  • Plugin development

Docker + Orchestration

Docker is probably the best known container virtualisation solution on the market. We use our years of experience to help you optimise your implementation of the tool in order to simplify your rollout and release processes.
We're happy to help you migrate existing software, design rollouts and deliveries and automate the scaling of your dockerised solutions.

Our services

  • Provisioning and operations
  • Dockerisation of your applications
  • Personalised training
  • Container orchestration (Kubernetes)
  • Container monitoring (Prometheus)
  • Rollout and release management

Custom infrastructure requirements

Do you need help designing, operating or migrating existing infrastructure? Or would you like to reevaluate your existing processes to make them more efficient? Or do you maybe not have the capacity to fulfil the constantly evolving requirements for operating an IT infrastructure and would like to outsource this job?
We're happy to use our expertise to help with these concerns and similar issues. Just get in touch.

Our services

  • Custom operations and support
  • Operation of infrastructure services
  • IAAS - Infrastructure as a Service
  • Cloud migration
  • Creation of custom tools
  • Centralised log management
  • Monitoring solutions

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